Old Fashioned Salmon Patties

Makes 10 patties

Salmon Patties are hands down my family’s favorite dinner. When I ask the kids what they want for dinner on their birthday, they say salmon patties.

I used to make half as much of this salmon patty recipe when the kids were little, but once they discovered how much they loved my homemade salmon patties, I had to double up, and that’s what I showed you in the recipe below.

I could never stand to watch my mom make salmon patties because she would haphazardly separate the good stuff from the bad stuff, and a lot of the bad stuff ended up getting into the mix. Not me. I pick through that canned salmon like I’m a surgeon and it is my patient. I do the same thing when I’m picking fat off of pulled pork. It’s one of the many weird food things I do. A lot.

Anyway, here’s me preparing you for the yuckiness you will encounter once you crack open that can. You will see spine, skin, fat, etc. Whether you eat all of that is completely personal preference.



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