Almond Joy Bars

This recipe is so good! Use light or dark chocolate. Use a 13×9 inch pan for a thicker recipe. Use half the recipe for a smaller group. It is simply easy. (Call it Almond Joy or Mounds, either way it is good).
Sometimes being sweet and flaky is just the ticket! These yummy bars may be sans almonds, but they’re FULL of delicious flavor

Like the original Almond Joy candy bars, our recipe has sweet coconut, toasted almonds, and a silky chocolate candy coating. The end result tastes just like the ones you buy at the store, but you’ll be making more than one bar, are going to save money, and can customize the recipe to perfectly suit your taste.

The steps to make these sweet treats are pretty easy, so even if this is your first attempt at making candy bars, you’ll end up with a batch of amazing tasting almond-coconut delights. As easy as mix and melt, no special tools are required.

This easy Homemade Almond Joy Bar recipe have all the chocolate and coconut goodness of your favorite candy–no bake and ready in no time. Perfect for parties, a treat at home or for that special someone to share!



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