How to Make the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, But Better

The new Popeyes chicken sandwich is amazing, if you even got to try it, you know. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one when a coworker of mine waited an hour in line for a bag of them and then included me in the tasting party. Wow, I see why the Internet has gone nuts over this chicken war thing. The Chick-Fil chicken sandwich is oh, so good, but this new Popeye’s chicken sandwich is from another world, I tell you. Pretty sure it has to do with the buttermilk soak and seasoning. Actually, let be honest, I had no idea what made the darn thing so good until after dreaming about getting my hands on another Popeye’s sandwich, only to learn that they were sold out for a long time, I sought help in the name of Youtube. Turns out, you can make a copycat version of the fan(atical) favorite chicken sandwich from Popeye’s restaurants. I learned then that the secret is in an overnight buttermilk soak, a drying process in the fridge which adds extra crispiness, and gotta give some credit here to these Youtube food Vloggers, just genius. Of course, it makes sense that the Popeye’s version would be sitting to dry out, too, Right? Fast food prep tip straight to your kitchen. Let it sit awhile, then let it sit again.

You can make the regular version or mix up some spicy mayo to create your own Spicy Popeye’s chicken sandwich recipe. Yum. I made my first batch last weekend, and it was a total hit with the fam. Planning to cook up a batch for my next bonfire party in the yard. Want my address? Try this copycat Popeyes sandwich at home.



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