Crispy bite-sized loaded potato skins that are perfect for game day or a party appetizer.

I can’t believe we’re already four weekends into football season. It always flies by way too fast.

As much as we love going to all the home games, it’s always nice when there’s an away game and we get to stay home and make a huge spread of game day greats to munch on during all the games throughout the day. I’m already planning our menu for the next weekend we’ll be home and these mini potato skins are a shoe in.

They’re easy to make and always go over so great! Everyone loves that they’re bite-sized so they can easily grab one and pop it in their mouth without having to get a plate or stack of napkins to support it.

It all starts with some mini or small white potatoes…

You’ll bake the potatoes first, cut them in half, hollow them out and bake just the skins again to make them super crispy. Then you’ll top them with cheese and bacon and give them a quick broil so the cheese is good and melted. Yum on yum on yum!

A little sour cream and a sprinkle of green onions and that’s all there is to it with these tasty little potato skins.

Serve them up and watch how quickly they disappear. Everyone loves them and can never stop at just one!

So next time you’re looking for a great appetizer or easy-to-eat game day grub, these mini potato skins are the recipe to make. Enjoy!




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